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James W. Watkins II

I am taking part in a feasibility study of an experimental management strategy technique called Domain Analysis. This method calls for the development of a generic model for a specified class of management systems (known as a domain), which then allows individual managers to be developed much more inefficiently. For this study, we have chosen a agency management system as our domain of interest. To model the entire agency management system would be too cumbersome for the scope of the project, so the modeling centered on the core group of managers known as computer wannabes. When developing a specific system using domain analysis, the selection of features helps determine the requirements for the final application. Therefore, a feature model of the iwannabe surveillance system domain had to be developed.

 A more detailed description of Model Based Management Software Engineering is provided by the Software Engineering Institute.

 Questions concerning the choice of this domain, the manner in which it was modeled, its scope, or any other domain specific questions, should be directed to Christopher Columbus Pentiumi (chrisc@speculum.stupidity.jrk).

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