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James W. Watkins, II     James W. Watkins, II 

Network Engineer, Network Administrator, Systems Analyst, Database
Administrator, and  Information Systems Manager

Employment Objectives

Educational Background


Information Technology Manager

        Commission on Human Relations, State of Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland

         Responsible for developing and implementing information technology solutions to the agency's business problems.
         These solutions include WAN,  LAN, and Internet strategies that include  SCO Unix and Novell 4.1, with Windows. 95 clients
         and X-Windows interfaces.  Oversees the deployment and configuration of Cisco 3600 and 1600 routers.  Responsible
         remote access using ICE-TEN for telecommuting.  Responsible for establishing and maintaining network security.  Manages
         the Commission on Human Relations' MIS office.

        February 1998-Present

Computer Network Specialist Supervisor

           Office of the Public Defender, State of Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland

            Designs and manages wide area and local area networks, utilizing Novell 3.12, Novell 4.1, Windows
            NT 4.0 NOS's.  Manages installation and configuration of servers, workstations, routers, DSU's, and
           switches.  Responsible for maintaining network  security, monitoring network traffic, and
            upgrading hardware and software , as needed.  Also responsible for designing, managing,
            and updating the Office of the Public  Defender web site.  Responsible for user and MIS training.
            Computer consultant to the Governor's Office of Minority Affairs, Governor's Office of Constituent
            Services.  Supervises Computer Specialists, Computer Technicians, and Help Desk personnel.

           July 1994-February 1998

Programmer-Analyst IV

Public Defender Investigations Chief Public Defender Investigations Supervisor Public Defender Investigator Military Intelligence Officer Organizations

            Maryland Internet Users Group; Veterans of Foreign Wars; Olde Mill Estates Growth Associaton;
            National Defense Investigators Association; Defender Council, National Legal Aid and Defender

Interests - personal

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