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My Sister, Bernie and the Angel's Page

    Bernie was born nine years after me.  She was the youngest child.  She passed away at age 33.  She left a husband and three children.  At the time of her death, the children were 11,  7, and 5.  An angel came along and watched over these children all these years.  Today, the youngest will start her freshman year at the University of Maryland.  The middle child is is a junior at Morgan State University, and the oldest, Akin,  graduates from Frostburg University in May 2000.  He will be a teaching assistant at the university and earn his Master's Degree.

Edith Jones Ronald Jones
Edith (the Angel) and Ronald Jones
Candi Picture Unavailable Tisha
Candi Akin Jones Tisha
Amineh Jones, the youngest Ameehn
Amineh Jones Ameehn Adia Jones

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