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The Descendants of Edward and Lucinda Lane..

   The weekend of August 16, 1997, descendants of Edward "Ned" Lane, a carpenter who plied his trade on both the Lower Eastern Shore and the Lower Western Shore of Maryland and Lucinda Lane, a homemaker came to Baltimore for the wedding of one of their grandsons.

    Everyone who came was either the son or daughter of Estella Watkins Brown, nee Lane or Ola McCready nee Lane, both daughters of Ned and Lucinda.  The group was related to each other as brothers, sister, cousins, 2nd cousins, wives, girlfriends, sister-in-laws, brothers-in-law, and etc.

   Who are these descendants of two proud people?  Today, all but one of Ned and Lucinda's children are deceased, but their grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren include a retired law enforcement officer, a rehabilitation specialist, a bank manager, a computer scientist, a systems test engineer, a senior citizen's home manager, a waitress, a building contractor, an IRS agent, a poultry farmer, a federal transportation procurement officer, a businessman/city councilman, a plumber, a Minster, , a teacher, a NASA mathematician, a medical research scientist, a postman, a security officer, and other professions.

My Cousin, Coley My Cousin and Coley's daughter, Brenda My Uncle Welton My Sweety, Renee and Coley's wife, Margaret
My Cousin-in-law, Margaret My Cousin, Jack Peter, brother of my cousin's girlfriend, Heidi
Heidi and Michael My Sister, Carolyn My Brother, Wayne Brenda and Wayne
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